Why Big Words Hurt Your Marketing (Makes You Look Silly And Lose Money)

Are you using big words to sound intelligent or smart? Have your use of words been effective in communicating with people? If you have taken on this belief of communicating with people using big words you may be shocked by the new research.

The truth is the greatest communicators use words that the average person can understand. Communication is the process by which people create and exchange information between each other by way of speaking, writing, using signs or behavior.

According to a Princeton University, a new study was conducted that matched words to brain activity which could help understand how people think about abstract and complex concepts. Researchers looked at areas in the brain that were activated when participants thought about certain objects such as family, vacation, house, etc.

The researchers concluded “whatever subject matter is on someone’s mind…not just topics or concepts, but also emotions, plans or socially oriented thoughts…is ultimately reflected in the pattern of activity across all areas of his or her brain.”

If a person reads your writing or any of your marketing and don’t understand what you are saying or can’t relate, all communication will be lost and you will lose money. To communicate effectively you have to use language so people can understand you. You have to match your message to your market.

Oftentimes, some people may think your being misleading on purpose using big words while communicating with them. Most people would automatically tune you out because in there minds you’re making things completed and they don’t have time to figure out what you’re talking about…period!

The good news is you can be just as effective with your marketing without using big words. Big words don’t equate to success. In the end, it’s about creating ways to make your marketing efforts pay. Men lie, women lie, however the NUMBERS don’t.

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by Lopaze

Lopaze Lasane is a World Traveler along with being a Copywriter visiting over 10 continents and 25 countries. He helps businesses online and offline systematically promote what they sell attracting qualified leads and turning them into clients. He can help you match your message to your market for your business. As a result, you will make a fortune.

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