How Your Website Design Can Boost Sales

How Your Website Design Can Boost Sales

Let’s face it, your website and your marketing is a reflection of you. Your website represents your digital audience online. Naturally, a website should be appealing and useful to serve its purpose.

Besides creating value, its equally important to give your users a unique experience while visiting your website. The goal of your website should be leads and sales conversion. Keeping that in mind here’s three ways to boost sales for your business with website designs.

1. Design to make navigation simple. Helping users easily find the content they want is a key fundamental aspect of good website design. Navigation must be simple and user friendly. No complexity which leads to frustration and confusion.

Always use HTML navigation instead of flash because, it will interfere with your website speed and performance. Maintaining proper contrast of color and size for navigation buttons can make it easier for end-users to access the information they want. And make sure the buttons are big enough for tapping with fingertips on mobile devices.

2. Attention-grabbing headlines, products and services with high-quality images and video.

The big benefits of products and services can be better explained by headlines with high-quality images and videos. Images leave a long lasting impact on the viewer and grabs their attention for longer, which can impact sales.

Use high-quality images in the header which gives an idea of your brand. Use images and short educational videos to display your products and services. Allow users to zoom in and rotate product images to get a closer view. Let viewers in your world.

Let the video demonstrations do the talking in the videos and let your users see how your products and services can add value into their lives. Start using unique photos and videos displaying your products and services. Stock photos are dead!

How your website design can boost sales in 2016
How your website design can boost sales in 2016

3. Responsive designs that work. According to a recent research by CrunchBase, more than 31 percent of Web traffic for top business websites is generated through mobile devices and that figure is continuing to increase as smartphones have made accessing the Web very easy. As a business owners, you should know the Web design should adapt to the various screen sizes being used to access a site.
Adapt or die!

You have two options. Create a separate mobile website or use a responsive design that adapts to all types of device screen sizes such as smartphones, desktops, tablets and laptops.
A separate mobile-only site design is more time consuming, expensive and challenging for incorporating changes on a day-to-day basis and often businesses find such maneuvers difficult. A responsive design that fits all devices is ideal for business websites.

4. Make color play a role in website conversion. Finally, the right color and contrast create visual cues, such as a hierarchy of value, urgency, scarcity, etc. Secondly, colors and contrast are helpful to make an emotional connection with users. Knowing the emotional attribute with each color is very important in this respect.

If you have the right design, message and deliver it to the right market, you’ll boost sales. For more information on how your website design can boost sales go to web design mastery here.

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