How to Turn Your Website Into Money

how to turn your website into money

Why do some websites convert so well while others crumble? What’s the secret behind the websites making boatloads of cash versus the one’s floating away in cyberspace? There has to a better way otherwise you wouldn’t see websites such as Google and Facebook worth billions of dollars in the stock market.

Before you even left one finger and start creating your website there are three things you should consider if you want to be successful.

Know your objective. What’s the purpose of your website? What goals do you have and accomplishments you want to see? You should NEVER use the shotgun approach and sell upfront. Build an email list or mailing list and follow up with your visitors with solutions to help make there lives easier. Be known as a problem solver.

Know your market. You have to research your audience and know exactly how to convince them you have what they want. You have to match your message to your audience on your website. You have to attract, engage and create an online experience for your visitors otherwise you might lose them.

Know your product or service. Express the hidden benefits your clients will receive upon purchasing your products or services. How will there lives change once they have your product? Put yourself in their shoes and see things from their perspective.

So there you have it, the three principles of having your website convert in three easy steps. You know as well as I do, people are struggling with this concept. I believe this message your reading at this very moment has the potential to help them think bigger and better about there websites.

This can change their lives and hopefully the way they do business putting them on the right path towards financial freedom. So after you leave a comment make sure to Like and Share this message with your friends


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by Lopaze

Lopaze Lasane is a World Traveler along with being a Copywriter visiting over 10 continents and 25 countries. He helps businesses online and offline systematically promote what they sell attracting qualified leads and turning them into clients. He can help you match your message to your market for your business. As a result, you will make a fortune.

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