How to Stuff Your Marketing Funnel Full of Potential Buyers and Create a Pipeline of Prospects Ready to Spend Money

marketing funnel

If you aren’t making the sales you want or you aren’t sure how to get ’em, this will show you the simple, proven process. It’s funnel time. Your marketing funnel?

Do you have one? If you don’t, it’s time you start TODAY! You don’t have to spend forever putting your marketing funnel together.

The big picture of a successful marketing system is simple: You target a group of people, you find out what they want to buy and sell it to them.

Your marketing funnel is step three. This is where you start building a backlog of potential buyers for your product or service. You keep stuffing them in your funnel, stuffing them in your funnel, stuffing them in your funnel and pretty soon SALES will pop out.

The way it works is you stuff your funnel full of potential buyers. These potential buyers are what we in marketing call “prospects,”which is short for potential buyers. Then you send out emails or even text messages and cultivate your potential buyers with non-threatening calls to action. And you move them to the point of being a buyer.

The FIRST SALE is something that’s easy. You don’t want to go for the big sale right away. Just something nice and easy. Then you build the relationship and go from there. How do you GET the prospects into your marketing funnel? The key to that is something simple, easy and non-threatening. Look at it like the old days when you were dating.

You maybe went for coffee or a simple lunch. That’s what you’re doing with your prospects: “Hey, you wanna grab a cup of coffee?”

NOT: “Hey, do you wanna go out for dinner, get stuck with me all night long, feel obligated to see a movie you don’t care about and possibly have a really awful time!”‘

Anyway, after that cup of coffee, next thing you know, you’re married, have mortgage and car payments, 2 kids in college and retirement staring down the barrel at you!

That’s called “the back end!” So this is what you do to get prospects in your marketing
funnel. You offer something really simple, easy and non-threatening. This is why we typically use free reports, ebooks audios, cd’s or teleseminars.

It’s a coffee date. The secret though is you gotta have a system that keeps putting people in your funnel. Then you have to stay in touch with them with different offers over time. You never know WHICH day they’re going to be in the buying mood.

So send out freebies on occasion, refer them to articles or blog posts and, in general, keep in front of your prospects until they’re in a buying mood.

One of the other keys to success is knowing WHAT to offer to get people into your marketing funnel. This is where doing surveys comes in handy.

marketing funnel


I do surveys to find hot topics that’ll appeal to my market. By doing this, you base your marketing on data, not guessing. You need certainty, not guesswork. So SURVEYS properly done are a key to success. Then once you know what people want, you have to package it.

A little bit of nice graphic design helps create a feeling of value for your freebie. So package it up, dress it up, and make it look attractive. You can either learn to do a bit of design yourself or hire someone. Learn the basics yourself then also find one or two go-to designers.

The way you do this is by surfing web sites. And when you run across a good design, scroll to the bottom of the web page and see if the designer is listed at the bottom. A lot of times, designers will list their web site at the bottom of the page.

Here is where you want to go with all this:

You know where to find your target audience. You have a very attractive freebie for them. You have a nice presentation for it. You keep your offers out there all the time so people are flowing into your marketing funnel every day. You regularly stay in touch with the people in your funnel. You send out freebies as well as offers.

By staying in touch with people and making multiple offers, you’re trying to catch them on that day when they’re in a buying mood. How do you get your freebie out there on a consistent basis? You can run ads on blogs. You can design banners and offer them to affiliates to promote with.

You can run Google ads. You can post in forums and list your freebie in your signature line. You can write articles and list your freebie in your resource box. You can pay to run your banner ad on targeted forums.

Is your freebie offer out there? Is it well presented? Do you have people regularly going into your marketing funnel?

Are you staying in contact with them regularly? Do you have them on a list where you can easily contact them? Do you have a conversion process to turn them from prospects into customers? These are bedrock of an effective marketing system.

The final thing is to remember it’s a numbers game. You need a lot of quality prospects in your marketing funnel and you have to exude effort and time to get them there.

A lot of people just don’t get the numbers. They get 100 people in their funnel and feel like they should be well-heeled already. It’s a numbers game.

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by Lopaze

Lopaze Lasane is a World Traveler along with being a Copywriter visiting over 10 continents and 25 countries. He helps businesses online and offline systematically promote what they sell attracting qualified leads and turning them into clients. He can help you match your message to your market for your business. As a result, you will make a fortune.

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