How To Choose The Right Social Media Platform For Your Business

Let’s face it, getting started online as an entrepreneur can be very confusing for most people. It seems like every month theirs a new marketing bullet or a new SEO strategy. With so much advice being given online it pressures some entrepreneurs to be on EVERY social media platform from day one.

It’s no wonder why so many people end up confused, overwhelmed and stuck, rather than making the progress they set out to achieve. In the beginning, focusing on one social media platform is SO much more effective to achieve a major breakthrough. Otherwise you’ll be spreading yourself to thin and you’ll just burn out!

So how do you choose the right social media platform for your business? Which platform will work best for you, helping you share content with your audience in the most effective way? Which platform is best for turning prospects into subscribers, loyal fans and paying customers??

No one can predict your results ahead of time on any social media platform. However, what can you do to make an informed decision and get started? My mentor use to tell me, “You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going.”

Here’s 3 essential tips to help you choose the right social media platform for your business:

1.Know Your Audience. You have to know your audience inside and out. Understand how they think and what they want. According to Dan Kennedy, “You have to match your message to your market.” Keep in mind, your purpose should always be to solve your audience problems. Find out what they struggle with and the fears and frustration they experience. The more you can build a relationship with your audience, the more you will understand their habits and how they are likely to interact with your business online.

2. Make Sure You Like the Platform. To achieve a major breakthrough on any platform, you’ll have to spend a huge amount of time on that platform. It requires an investment of time and effort into making the platform work for you.

This is why you have to make sure you actually like it! You have to be self-motivated to want to figure it out and learn everything about it. So ask yourself whether your choice feels right and whether you’re ready to spend hours making that platform work for you. If the answer is no, then pick another social media platform that might work better for you.

3. Make a Practical Decision. When I first got started on Youtube, I knew more than likely I would be able to connect with an audience. I liked being on video so I thought I would be able to engage and spread my message in the most effective manner. I didn’t even know if it was going to work, however I was willing and able to try my best. I saw others in the same niche doing it so I just made a conscious decision to get started.


In the beginning, it’s best for you to do something everyday to learn about the platform to make it work. You must post good content consistently. You’ll learn as you go as far as what content works best for your audience. You have to test, test, and test. This is the only way you’ll achieve major breakthroughs.

Keep in mind, the first few months might be very slow attracting the audience you truly want. You can make it work if you’re able to stick it out getting past the growing pains. And eventually you’ll have a huge audience willing to follow you everywhere!

So what social media channel are you going to commit to using to jump-start your business?

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by Lopaze

Lopaze Lasane is a World Traveler along with being a Copywriter visiting over 10 continents and 25 countries. He helps businesses online and offline systematically promote what they sell attracting qualified leads and turning them into clients. He can help you match your message to your market for your business. As a result, you will make a fortune.

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