How To Choose The Right Social Media Platform For Your Business

Let’s face it, getting started online as an entrepreneur can be very confusing for most people. It seems like every month theirs a new marketing bullet or a new SEO strategy. With so much advice being given online it pressures some entrepreneurs to be on EVERY social media platform from day one. It’s no wonder […]

This Is Marketing

Let’s face it, most meetup groups are a waste of time. Yesterday I attending a group in my local area. I must admit most of these meetups turned into a prospecting ring. Which is not the best strategy for attracting clients in any business. I have met some very interesting people in some of these […]

My First 20,000 Subscribers on Youtube In 14 Months (Use This For Your Business)

How did you manage to get 20,000 subscribers on Youtube? What’s my secret? I get ask this question from time to time at conferences and meetup groups. And my answer is simply… You got to put in the work. You got to put in the time. You got to help people. You got to out […]

4 Ways to Avoid Being Sued for False Advertising

Let’s face it, most ads you see on most social media platforms are horrible. Most of the ads can be very misleading to clients or customers. It creates the sense that a company didn’t have enough faith in its product or service to sell it on the merits alone. Plus, it says that a business […]

How to navigate networking events and leave a lasting impression

Vanessa Van Edwards is a behavior investigator and uses experiments to help even the most awkward person make a lasting and positive impression. Van Edwards joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss her new book, “Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People,” and offer practical tips on how to be the most memorable person in the […]

4 Stupid Simple Things You Must Do In a Home Business

I keep coming back to the 4 things we do in business and how you need to focus more on getting them done as opposed to worrying about how fancy and perfectly we do them. Unfortunately, being fancy doesn’t always equate to profits. A wisdom man always use to tell me “you don’t have to […]

The Secret to Building Real Wealth Even If You’re Broke

What would your life be like if you doubled your income this year? What about if you doubled your income AND your time? With everything going on in the economy and with policies at this very moment, this may seem impossible. But it’s not! Even during tough times in the past, there are people who […]

How to Achieve Anything You Want (Without Killing Yourself)

How to Achieve Anything You Want (Without Killing Yourself)

So what is on your mind? Are thoughts of whether or not you’re cut out for pursuing your passions lingering in the back of your head? Do you look in the mirror and feel like you’re looking at someone else?

3 Top Qualities of a Successful Salesperson to Crush It

3 Top Qualities of a Successful Salesperson to Crush It

These are the 3 Top Qualities of a Successful Salesperson to Crush It versus the mediocre salespeople! Become one of the top salespeople in your industry with these 3 practical, plug-n-play techniques for closing sales and dramatically increase your likelihood of closing deals.