If it has to do with words and people, I can help.

OK, OK, OK let's get it started I'm here because I...
1) Need help trying to put all these genius words on paper inside my head.
2) How can I get more customers?
3) Was hoping to get some juicy gossip on your personal life.
4) Wish it was easier to get my salesletters to convert better.
5) How can I persuade someone to work with me (or help)?
6) How can I convince people to listen to me?
7) How can I get people to buy things from me or refer people to me?
8) How can I price my products profitably  and entice people to buy them?
GOOD NEWS, friend! No wrong answers here. If any or all of the above apply, your in the right spot.

Lopaze is an experienced direct response copywriter who is passionate about showing entrepreneurs and small business owners the power of using social media marketing to growing their business strategically.

He specializes in helping clients build an audience with the power of using social media networks such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google. He can help you create a razor sharp message to standout in the marketplace to attract your ideal clients.

Most of his experience comes from being involved in business opportunities as a copywriter and a programmer. He has written over thousands of hours of copy for sales letters, websites, landing pages, news letters and white papers.

He is a veteran who served four years active in the U.S. Navy. He is a world traveler visiting over 10 continents and 25 countries. He’s a highly motivated social media marketing copywriter with a proven track record with his creative expertise.


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