9 Life Myths the Lame-Stream Media Never Want You to Know

Are the decisions you make affecting your life in a positive way? Or, do you find that your actions are holding you back? How long does it take to realize you are being lied to?

Growing up in my 20’s I had so much energy and probably could have changed the world. It’s not too late, even though I turned 40 years of age in February and still have boatloads of energy.

In our 20’s as adults we are influenced and make decisions based on how we were raised, our friends, parents, teachers, mentors, beliefs, marketing and the lame-stream media. Your brain is like a blink computer being programmed in the 20’s.

I believed almost every myth you probably heard of. We are bombarded with over 10,000 marketing messages a day which is disturbing. The good news is if you know at least a few of these myths you can make millions of dollars in the process.

With the help of these myths I was stuck in the matrix and confused for years in many areas of my life. There are so many myths being thrown around by the lame-stream media that affects our lives everyday.

As a result, I decided to give you 9 life myths the lame-stream media NEVER want you to know:

Owning A Home is Better than Renting. Owning a home can be one of the worst deals you could ever make especially if you can’t afford it. I’ve heard many people claim they were saving money by not renting.

It sounds good!

In reality, you will be spending more money with a house because of taxes, appliances, furniture, maintenance and landscaping. And some houses are being operated by Home Owners Associations which require fees as well. The majority of people I believe don’t understand how the process of getting a mortgage really works.

You can become a slave to debt within minutes of signing your name on the dotted line. Before making any purchase I always ask one question…How am I going to make some money? My philosophy is a house can only be an asset if I’m making a profit. Otherwise, a house is like a statue collecting dust.

Attending College Guarantees You a Career. I heard this growing up for 20 years of my life. I did everything my parents told me to do up until I realized it wasn’t going to work. No other human being can guarantee you anything.

In college they simply teach you how to become an employee. You can learn everything in college outside of college if you search hard enough. If you attend any college it’s going to be the beginning of the process because you should always keep learning. Success is a journey with full of adventure.

Having Kids is the Purpose of Life. To be honest, most people I know that have kids should have NEVER had them. Sounds harsh however it’s the truth. Sometimes I’m happy they didn’t raise me. There is no such thing as a purpose in life, just make a decision and do it.

You Have to Be Dishonest to Be Successful. This is absolutely false. I don’t know of anyone who is successful and dishonest. You can’t serve two masters. The universe has a way of working things out and the truth comes to light. Take a look at Donald Sterling.

Most Diet Formula’s Are Scams. The truth is all diets are not created equal. Our bodies don’t respond to the same foods we eat. Everyone has to discover what works best for them in regards to dieting. This is the main reason why most diets don’t work for most people and the products keep rolling.

Humans Are Smarter Now Than A 100 Years Ago. The truth is humans have not advanced in our society. Having access to the internet does not equate to being smarter. I have observed the majority of people being more confused than EVER. In reality, the information is being passed around to FAST and most people don’t know what story to believe.

If You Work Hard You Will Become Successful. I have NEVER seen this happen in my life. If this was true most construction workers would be RICH! My parents use to preach this all the time while growing up. Unfortunately, it didn’t work as they imagined. My philosophy is…Work Smarter Not Harder. You have to be strategic and move like a chess player. Its Chess Not Checkers!

Stop Signs Save Lives. According to a study in the Netherlands, stop signs were taken down for a few weeks on the major highways and they were fewer accidents. The study concluded that the majority of drivers were more alert without the stop signs being visible. By the way, people use there smart phones will driving in other countries as much as they do in the United States.

If You’re Nice Everyone Will Like You. I was naive to believe this while growing up as a kid. I thought girls in high school would like me, because I was a nice guy. Unfortunately, I was wrong and got my feeling hurt many times until I learned the truth. The truth is everyone is not for you. My motto is…I am looking for people who are looking for me. People may not like you if so, that’s none of your business.

There you have it, 9 myths the lame-stream media NEVER wanted you to know. I believe at this very moment this message can help MILLIONS of people to change lives. Feel free to share it with your friends and family. Until next time…

Its Chess Not Checkers!

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by Lopaze

Lopaze Lasane is a World Traveler along with being a Copywriter visiting over 10 continents and 25 countries. He helps businesses online and offline systematically promote what they sell attracting qualified leads and turning them into clients. He can help you match your message to your market for your business. As a result, you will make a fortune.

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