5 Fatal Myths of Web Design That Might Be Costing You Sales

5 Fatal Myths of Web Design That Might Be Costing You Sales

Have you bought into the web design myths? I know, its easier said than done however you could be losing out on 5 Fatal Myths of Web Design That Might Be Costing You Salessales, traffic and other metrics to improve your bottom line.

Website design is at the heart of the user experience. How the website is laid out, functions, what colors, fonts, and images can mean the difference between success and failure. Let’s face it, most people’s perception is their own reality.

If you have a website its in your best interest to have a solid understanding with a balanced design process which should be the motivating force to achieve results. You’ve probably heard many different beliefs and perspective on what a website should and shouldn’t be.

For example, big brands feel the need to customize their websites to meet their needs. And the subjective part of design leaves plenty of room for opinions leading to some design myths that simply aren’t true.

Myth #1. The homepage matters the most.

Fact: Unless your website is setup for visitors to go directly to your homepage most of your ideal prospects will probably not land there. In fact, due to the power of search and paid links that users often click, visitors may actually never see your homepage.

So putting all your focus and attention on the homepage is useless. Having a more consistent design throughout your website is a much more effective strategy.

Myth #2. White space on a page should be filled with something.

Fact: The opposite has been proven to be true. Open space is an excellent way to separate content and makes items easier to read. It can be tough on your visitors eyes sometimes reading your content online.

Myth #3. Design is the end-all-be-all.

Fact: Design is much more than colors, graphics, and fonts. Its the user experience that matters more than anything. A great design can help, however designs won’t fix everything.

Content concerns, low traffic, poor engagement or low conversions require more than just designs. The good news is you don’t have to go at it alone, because teamwork in this day and age REALLY makes the dream work from editorials to development and everyone else in between.

Myth #4. More features equates to better design.

Fact: Their are many bells and whistle you can add to make the user experience unnecessarily complex. Bells and whistle are wonderful as long as they have a purpose. You should always ask yourself how is this feature going to increase conversions.

Myth #5. Site owners view their website like users.

Fact: This is the biggest mistake owners and employees of businesses make because its easy to assume new and current customers understand and think the same. Your website needs to communicate the way your customers do in order to take them on a buying journey.

Their you have it, the five fatal myths of web design that might be costing you sales. Feel free to like and share this topic with your circle of influence on the social media networks.

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