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Happy Sucess Stories


How To Choose The Right Social Media Platform For Your Business

Let’s face it, getting started online as an entrepreneur can be very confusing for most people. It seems like every month theirs a new marketing bullet or a new SEO strategy. With so much advice being given online it pressures some entrepreneurs to be on EVERY social media platform from day one. It’s no wonder […]

The Worst SuperBowl Commercials 2019

Which Super Bowl commercials are the most likely to generate the best results? That’s the question CNN asked Jamie Turner in a recent interview. Go watch the news segment, click below.

This Is Marketing

Let’s face it, most meetup groups are a waste of time. Yesterday I attending a group in my local area. I must admit most of these meetups turned into a prospecting ring. Which is not the best strategy for attracting clients in any business. I have met some very interesting people in some of these […]

My First 20,000 Subscribers on Youtube In 14 Months (Use This For Your Business)

How did you manage to get 20,000 subscribers on Youtube? What’s my secret? I get ask this question from time to time at conferences and meetup groups. And my answer is simply… You got to put in the work. You got to put in the time. You got to help people. You got to out […]

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